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Prime cut by MS Donna 


Top section, of King Crab

Raw, frozen mix

Sweet, juicy, chunky meat for you. Easy to prepare and very versatile. Excellent in the pan, on the grill, in the oven or in the boiler.

Leg lower part, of King Crab

Raw, frozen mix

Succulent and perfect for sharing. A superp starter and to accompany other dishes.
With bubbles - clean it, pan fry it, put it on a stick.


Claw, of King Crab

Raw, frozen mix

Characteristic and rustic - this is king crab. Smash open for sweet and juicy meat. Remember to add sugar and salt in the water.

Split legs of Snow Crab

Cooked, frozen mix

Good to go, on the move, for all occasions. Already cooked. Can be served as they are; cold or heated. No scissors or knives neccessary. When taste and avalability is prime.


King Crab Stock

Frozen 500 ml

A clear, rich and delicate stock for many occasions. Prepared locally in Asker, Norway with love for the planet, sustainable flavour and love for handcraft. To be used as a base in fish soup, to blanch filets of fish or as it is with, for instance, cruotons.

Other products on request


One of our goals is to fully exploit the entire king crab. Thru science and close collaboration with chefs around the world we have gone from 50% to above 90%. Keep on challengeing us! We will do our very best to bring premium, sustainable and right products and services to you.

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